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Muttertag Geschenkideen zum Selbstabholen / persönliche Zustellung

Muttertag Geschenkideen - ONLINE Zustellung

Es ist Zeit Danke zu sagen!

Gift set "Children's delight"


Venustis - If you love something special ...


1 x Chocolate Easter Bunny
2 x Nougat eggs
1 x Freeze-dried Marteller strawberry in chocolate coating
1 x Vinschger Marille (apricot) jelly delight

A gift made of exquisite raw materials, finely handcrafted & lovingly decorated! We will gladly add your Easter greetings to your gift...

P.S. We enclose the ears of the bunny with the nest, as they might not survive shipping undamaged - simply glue them back on :-)

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us by email or phone!


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