Marmor-Designer-watches for women and men

Lasa marble, the noblest of its kind


Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!


Noble fruit chocolates and chocolates - a great pleasure for all sinne ...

Muttertag Geschenkideen zum Selbstabholen / persönliche Zustellung

Muttertag Geschenkideen - ONLINE Zustellung

Es ist Zeit Danke zu sagen!

Venustis ... if you love something special!

Fine jewellery, trendy jewellery, as well as well-designed creations made of shining white marble from Lasa. .
... handmade with love!

Fine jewellery

... that makes you shine

Trendy jewellery

... extraordinary jewellery with marble from Lasa

Bridal jewellery

... for your most beautiful day

Creative items made of Lasa marble

... a stone full of secrets

Kreatives aus Laaser Marmor

... ein Stein voller Geheimnisse

Besondere Geschenke

... wir liefern Dein Geschenk direkt an Deine Wunschadresse

Fine Lasa marble meets exquisite chocolate creations

Local handpicked chocolates and praline creations ... each with a unique taste

Chocolates and chocolate creations

... each unique in taste

Delicacies with Vinschgau apricots

... a regional speciality with an incomparable taste


Marble Indulgence guided tour together with chocolate and praline tasting


Visit the unique Lasa marble and enjoy our exclusive chocolate and praline creations.

... a seduction for all senses

Every Wednesday at 11.30 a.m. (from mid-March to mid-November)

Fascination of Lasa marble

Lasa marble, a stone full of secrets, fascination, history and present ...

Laaser Marmor ein Stein voller Geheimnisse
Venustis Geschäft im Marmordorf Laas

Our shop

Visit us in our shop in the marble village Laas/Vinschgau/South Tyrol. Here you will find a large selection of fine chocolate- and praline creations, as well as many creative gift ideas based on the famous Lasa marble.

We are very proud of our jewellery creations made of Lasa marble, which we lovinglyhandcraft ourselves