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Our philosophy

Our philosophy or rather what is close to our heart!

On the one hand, it is the special things that are close to our hearts. The special quality of the valley and its fruits, the Lasa marble and its extraordinary characteristics, and the processing of all this with much love and joy. On the other hand, it is the encounters and relationships with our customers. The joy and enthusiasm when they enjoy our products or give them as gifts.

And so we pick up local delicacies, positively enhance their value and uniqueness, refine them and thus sensitise the populace to high-quality food products.

The quality criteria of Venustis

-natural raw materials

-no chemical preservatives

-sun-ripened fruits

-conscientious handicraft

-no chemical additives

-attention to detail

Quality and awards

Quality is the love of nature!

Quality is no coincidence, it is always the result of a holistic and sustainable process with a principle of attention to detail. Consistency and discipline lead to the desired result. The transparency and traceability of a product and the fair manufacturing processes are decisive factors for success, along with natural and high-quality raw materials.

I vouch for this with my name,

Thomas Tappeiner

Our great passion for Lasa (Laas) marble

Influenced by intense childhood experiences in the midst of marble quarrying and the almost mystical stories behind it, fascinated by the fallow cornfields and inspired by the pure orange of the apricot, I put down deep roots in this place and its surroundings at an early age. We sold the sweet fruits of the nearby apricot orchard on the road near St. Mark's Church to passing guests and locals. The pocket money was the reward of the laborious picking and the motivation of selling. Almost daily I watched the quaint marble inclined railway from the 1930s as it slowly brought the white blocks of the Lasa and Goeflan quarries from the Bremsberg down into the valley. The purely mental image of working in the marble quarry created excitement and its own stories in my head. It was the childlike wonder of wanting to know something about this pure stone. Respect and awe for the mountain and what is quarried up there accompanied the fascination. During my work as a merchant in my parents' business, this great passion for marble and apricots deepened, which led me to work on various initiatives and projects on the subject. The organisation of the cultural festival “marmor&marille”, which is now known beyond the borders, was finally the actual source of inspiration for the innovation to produce different products from fruits of the Vinschgau (Val Venosta) and the surrounding area and to position them on the market - the birth of the company Venustis. The Vinschgau Valley was already called the land of the Venostes "de Venostes" in ancient times, and the company name "Venustis" finds its origin there.

 Our company is based in the marble village of Laas (Lasa).

The village is situated in the middle of the Vinschgau valley, which stretches along the "Via Claudia Augusta" between the Reschen (Resia) Pass and the spa town of Meran (Merano) and is geographically located in the northernmost region of Italy on the southern side of the Alps.

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We look forward to welcoming you personally to our shop in the marble village of Laas.
Here you will find a large selection of creative gift ideas around the marble of Lasa and many local delicacies.

Guided tour of Marmor Genuss (Marble Indulgence) with chocolate and praline tasting

An experience for all senses

Every Wednesday at 11.30 a.m.(from mid-March to mid-November)


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