Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!

Noble fruit chocolates and chocolates - a great pleasure for all sinne ...

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It's time to say thank you!

The Grand Cru chocolate is made from the Criollo fine cocoa beans with Designation of Origin Maracaibo, Venezuela. The best fine cocoa from top locations, for which the farmers more than that Fair trade price are processed in the traditional way, slowly and gently.

In a blind tasting, this outstanding quality led to the award “The best chocolate in the world” by the independent “Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani”.


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Val Venosta apricot chocolate, fine dark chocolate 66% 
noble hand-scooped dark chocolate filled with original Vinschgau apricot.

The apricot is actually a tropical fruit, loves warmth and sun, little rain, plenty of wind and sandy soils. The Vinschgau offers precisely these special climatic conditions. In connection with the large temperature fluctuations between day and night, these are the best conditions for the original "Vinschgauer apricot" to flourish; a regional specialty, with an incomparable taste and aroma!

The Vinschgau apricot is rightly called the “queen” of apricots. Their sweet and sour taste in symbiosis with "the best chocolate in the world“Becomes a harmonious and incomparable taste experience.

 Quality is the love of nature!

Quality is no coincidence, it is always the result of a holistic and sustainable process with a passionate attention to detail. Consistency and discipline lead to the desired result. The transparency and traceability of a product and the fair manufacturing process are, along with natural and high-quality raw materials, decisive factors for success.

We guarantee you:

  • natural raw materials
  • no chem. Preservatives
  • sun-ripened fruits
  • careful handwork
  • no chem. Additives
  • Attention to detail

I vouch for this with my name

Thomas Tappeiner


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our philosophy

Our philosophy, or rather what is important to us!

On the one hand, it is the special thing that is important to us. The particularity of the valley and its fruits, the Lasa marble in its particularity, and the processing of all of it with a lot of love and joy.

On the other hand, there are the encounters and relationships with our customers. The joy and enthusiasm when they enjoy our products or give them away with joy.

And so we take up local delicacies, positively reinforce and refine their value and uniqueness and thereby sensitize the population to high-quality food products.



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