Marmor-Designer-watches for women and men

Lasa marble, the noblest of its kind


Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!


Noble fruit chocolates and chocolates - a great pleasure for all sinne ...

Muttertag Geschenkideen zum Selbstabholen / persönliche Zustellung

Muttertag Geschenkideen - ONLINE Zustellung

Es ist Zeit Danke zu sagen!

Mountain praline on fine Lasa marble


We design your personal guest gift!

Marble meets chocolate, lovingly decorated by hand ...
Lettering, color, the bow etc. is made according to your specifications

You also have the option of designing the packaging of the mountain praline according to your ideas ... The price for this varies depending on the number of pieces required, e.g. 100 packs at a price of approx. Euro 170.-

Contact us by phone or email and ask for your own personal offer!