Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!

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Wrap bracelet "trio" gold

Sizes: XS

unique, trendy, real ...
made by hand with love in our home!

  • Bullets out real Lasa marbleØ 8 u. 10 mm
  • Magnetic clasp and metal parts high quality stainless steel
  • Tapes off real leather
  • in loving packaging

Size Chart:

XS length incl. closure approx. 33.5 cm
S length incl. closure approx. 35.5 cm
SM length incl. closure approx. 37.5 cm
M length incl. closure approx. 39.5 cm
L length incl. closure approx. 41.5 cm

Please choose the ideal size for your bracelet above!

How to choose the ideal size for your bracelet:
Measure your wrist circumference, take it times 2 and add another 4-5 cm. So you get the right length for your piece of jewelry.


e.g. wrist circumference 15.5 x 2 = 31 + 4 cm = 35 cm, corresponds to size S.

Small deviations from the product photo are possible due to the handcraft.