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Does chocolate really make you fat?

The fruit of the gods, the noble cocoa bean, has been completely degraded by today's industrialization. The once valuable and precious cocoa bean is dishonored by the addition of various unnecessary fats and sugar to the "broad mass" of the population. So now also the popular saying, chocolate makes Dick!
But no, chocolate itself doesn't make you fat...It is the additives and preservatives that make chocolate a narcotic, whereby of course untold amounts of sugar enter our bodies.

How did this happen?

History of the Edelkakao

The history of the noble kayak is long and extensive! We would like to give you a little insight into this.

The ever-blooming Paradise Tree originates in Central America and thrives in the humid equator range. The first cocoa drink is known as Xocolatl, the Aztec potion. Because cocoa beans taste bitter, they were roasted and crushed on a hot stone. Then the cocoa was mixed with water and spices as "Xocolatl" in a golden cup.
The Aztecs celebrated the potion as theBridge to Heaven" The cocoa bean was used as a means of payment.
As a discoverer ofbrown goldHernando Cortez, the conqueror of Mexico! It found cocoa particularly interesting because of its stimulating effect.A cup keeps a soldier fresh all day"so it is from tradition. So it was he who brought the cocoa bean 1528 to Spain.

At the Royal Court the hot cocoa drink was soon elite luxury goodsYeah. When Princess Anna married Louis VIII, she also brought this drink to the French court. Thus began the uninterrupted rise to the popular fashion drink in the European noble houses.
With the beginning of industrialization, the drinking chocolate lost more and more importance, making chocolate more popular in its solid form. In the 19th century, Swiss chocolate manufacturer Philippe Suchard succeeded in breaking through with his miller, a machine for mixing sugar and cocoa powder.

1879 with the invention of Rodolphe Lindt, the Conche, came a decisive improvement: the usual fragile-sandy consistency of the usual chocolates, bitter in taste and not tearing at all on the tongue, obtained the still appreciated delicate, melting structure.
Today demand has multiplied! Consumers'tastes have changed. You want a long shelf life and also the sweetness that is not missing.
But the real Choco-lover seeks authenticity, the originally pure enjoyment of chocolate.

Creolo the mother of the cocoa bean

That is why we use Venus. in beautiful MarMordorf Laas one Creolo beansFair trade, I believe, for our chocolate production. The Creolo bean is known asMother of cocoa beans"refers to and represents only three% of world production.

Why, do they wonder?
This cocoa bean is much smaller than conventional consumer cocoa beans such as Forastero. Creolo is much more intense than your great comrades for this very reason. However, more beans are needed for the production. Thus the Forastero bean has manifested itself as the basis for chocolate in modern production.

Our specialities, made from high-quality raw materials in careful manual work, are: free from chemical additives, preservation, and Flavourings and are packed with lots of love by hand. Therefore also our shelf life of about 4-6 months, depending on the product!

High quality chocolate makes not Dick!

Now again briefly back to our topic today "Chocolate makes you fat". We claimNo!
Good chocolate doesn't make you fat!
The higher the cocoa content, the less sugar was added to the chocolate. Our body reacts to the proportion of cocoa by clearly signaling to us that it has consumed enough bitter substances.

So we stop on our bodies and start enjoying chocolate.

Better a small piece of high-quality Dark chocolate than a bar of "sugar chocolate".

Your body will thank you!

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