Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!

Noble fruit chocolates and chocolates - a great pleasure for all sinne ...

Venustis - an exquisite fruit chocolate is created

Thomas Tappeiner - A childhood between the flawless white of marble and the bright orange of marille leaves traces - the Etisa fruit chocolate is created!

The laboriously picked fruits of the nearby Marillenanger are sold on the street. For the toddler Thomas Tappeiner confirmation of how desired the fruit is. This is also the first contact with customers who like to pay for quality. Just like the marbles, the large marble blocks, which slowly reach the valley via the sloping track, fascinate. "Marble and Marille" were a decisive experience, a positive childhood trauma.

The naming

This "positive childhood trauma" created Venustis, his company, whose name he borrowed from the ancient name of the Val Venosta, the land of the "Venos-ten" or "de Venostos." The idea of creating a noble Fruit chocolate is laid. Etisa, the name of this noble fruit chocolate, comes from the Greek "Athisinos" which means "on flowing waters." In the Old High German language, the word Etisa was used for Etsch. This is known to be the river which rises at the Reschenpass and flows through the Vinschgau. The finest craftsmanship that Thomas Tappeiner and his team combine with wood, glass and above all Laaser marble to create very personal gift ideas.

The Val Venosta in the west of South Tyrol

From a climatic point of view, the Val Venosta is one of the most interesting regions of the Alps. The fertile valley on the river Adige between the Reschenpass and Merano encompasses all vegetation zones. Mediterranean steppe landscape at Vinschger Sonnenberg and alpine coniferous forest vegetation at Nördersberg in the Stilfserjoch National Park.

In this unique climate, fruits, wines and vegetables thrive with an intense taste. For more than 10 years, people have tried to pick up local delicacies and make something interesting out of them. High-quality products, refined or freshly enjoyed are witnesses to environmentally friendly, sustainable, resource-saving agriculture. The transparency and traceability of a high-quality product from the producer (farmer) to the consumer is very important to Thomas Tappeiner.

Etisa fruit chocolates and the emergence of an exquisite product range

The first fruit chocolate was filled with finest Vinschger apricot. The fruit jelly is coated with finest whole milk or delicate bitter chocolate. Soon the second Etisa fruit chocolate with Story plate strawberries put on the market. Further compositions followed in no time. Currant, Raspberry, Plum were now on the program. The product range has grown again and again in recent years. Whether fruity ones Chocolate jellies or South Tyrolean mountain chocolates, sweetens Of Laaser marble cubes up to and including To wholemeal biscuits or To muesli talers; the visitor can now be pampered by a high-quality product range. Also Jams and Syrup the Vinschger Marille are for sale. In recent years, the focus has been on the processing of fruit chocolates. Creations with fine Vinschger Kuntrawandt coffee, Tirol whisky or Merano Sissi sweet wine are now part of the product range. High-quality and with great attention to detail, these noble creations are handcrafted by a wonderful team. Quality that pays off and is highly appreciated.

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