Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!

Noble fruit chocolates and chocolates - a great pleasure for all sinne ...


Enjoy an extraordinary day in the marble village of Laas. Experience a marble tour including chocolate and praline tasting with Thomas Tappeiner - the founder of Venustis

Feeling and touching the real Lasa marble paired with an exquisite tasting of the finest chocolate is a special sensory experience.

We claimNo!
Good chocolate doesn't make you fat!
The higher the cocoa content, the less sugar was added to the chocolate. Our body reacts to the proportion of cocoa by clearly signaling to us that it has consumed enough bitter substances.

So we stop on our bodies and start enjoying chocolate.

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Thomas Tappeiner - A childhood between the flawless white of marble and the bright orange of marille leaves traces - the Etisa fruit chocolate is created!

The laboriously picked fruits of the nearby Marillenanger are sold on the street. For the toddler Thomas Tappeiner confirmation of how desired the fruit is. This is also the first contact with customers who like to pay for quality. Just like the marbles, the large marble blocks, which slowly reach the valley via the sloping track, fascinate. "Marble and Marille" were a decisive experience, a positive childhood trauma.

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Speechesfor life-whether traditional lifestyles, short sentences or the personal motto of life!

For every life situation and every period of life, there are appropriate short sentences.
Speeches for life encourage us to think.

  • Are we going the right way?
  • Am I on a detour?
  • Where am I going?

Nowadays, in our fast-moving world, it sometimes takes a short sentence to stimulate reflection. Beautiful short words that put a smile on your face, no matter how many times you've heard Him.

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Welcome evening in the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle for theGerman footballTeamon the occasion of the training camp from 21.05. to 31.05. at the Passeiertal Hotel Andreus in St. Leonhard
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No doubt: Thomas Tappeiner creates taste experiences at a high level. Vinschger fruits have their appearance in the fruit chocolates, jelly fruits, chocolates or biscuits and stand for a special fruity experience.
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