Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!

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Marble meets chocolate - a day in the marble village of Laas

Enjoy an extraordinary day in the marble village of Laas. Experience one Marble tour including chocolate and praline tasting with Thomas Tappeiner - the founder of Venustis

Lasa marble- White as snow but just as crystalline, as a synonym and the highest expression for untouched purity, the same purity of the mountains that protectively surround the Vinschgau. Originating millions of years ago, Lasa marble is a stone full of secrets, fascination and history. Neither time nor space, neither hectic nor stress have shaped this stone and let us humans only guess the secrets of mother earth.

Feeling and touching the real Lasa marble paired with an exquisite tasting of the finest chocolate is a special sensory experience.

It is quite a special feeling to use your fingertips to feel the actually rough and yet supple, almost velvety polished surface of the natural stone. To feel how the material still radiates its own inner strength. Incorporated like valuable buds, two marble quarries have existed in the Lasa Valley for over 150 years, the Weisswasser and Jennwandbruch. In many places around the world, monuments and structures made of Lasa marble were created through human talent and artistic work.

Like the secrets of the white stone, our "Fruit chocolate“Refined with Val Venosta apricots, Marteller strawberries, Raspberries, Red currants, plums or Sweet wine. Our exquisite chocolate paired with tart flavors of the Vinschger Kuntrawant coffee’s or elegantly refined with South Tyrolean whiskey. The "South Tyrolean mountain chocolates"And especially the sweet"Lasa marble cubes"Or"Love dice“As noble compositions on the palate. Regardless of whether it is whole milk or dark chocolate, we have something for every taste.

Fruit chocolates and pralines of a special kind are created through craftsmanship! Without flavorings or preservatives, only fruit and chocolate are in the foreground! By enjoying, one recognizes the different taste notes and experiences an exquisite experience of the senses.

Marble tour including chocolate and praline tasting

Thomas Tappeiner, founder of Venustis and certified marble guide, awaits you every Wednesday, from March to November, at 11.30 a.m. at the train station in Laas. It accompanies you into the world of Lasa marble and of course into the sweet world of Venustis chocolate. Enjoy the extraordinary chocolate creations and learn a lot about the marble village of Laas.

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October 12, 2019

Danke für die wunderbare Führung, an der wir diese Woche teilnehmen konnten,wir haben es sehr genossen und werden es unbedingt weiterempfehlen!

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