Bridal jewellery made from the finest Laas marble by hand!

Noble fruit chocolates and chocolates - a great pleasure for all sinne ...

Sweet Laaser Seductions

No doubt: Thomas Tappeiner creates taste experiences at a high level. Vinschger fruits have their appearance in the fruit chocolates, jelly fruits, chocolates or biscuits and stand for a special fruity experience.

Tappeiner Thomas

In his kingdom, says Thomas Tappeiner, he has "be Ruah", his rest. A studio barely larger than fifty square meters meets the requirements of the Venustisentrepreneur to his kingdom, his place of creation. It must be cool for its products, manageable and yet sufficient storage space. These days, the smart Laaser sorts chocolates there. His chocolates.

The addressees are banks and companies. The "Ortler in the morning red", a chocolate creation that carries its strawberry fruit in the lace and is wrapped in the finest white chocolate, proudly takes its place in the slender packaging. This is complemented by the "Ortler in summer", a creation from the house Venustis in which Vinschger Marillenmark ischocolate and also leans on the Ortler, to the Suldner three-thousand-metre peaks.

But the taste path is not enough. The Laas marble cubes -Vinschger Marillenmark, apricot brandy and finest white chocolate -complete the unique taste-and are probably the most sensual expression of the love that the Laas marble and the Vinschger Marille have received in Laas for years. The Laas marble cubes owe their look and name to the marble cobblestones in the village itself....

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